Saturday, October 25th, 2014


There Will Never Be a Shortage of Love


Love is the reason for learning and teaching.

It costs nothing, yet is the most precious thing

One can possess.

The more we give, the more it is returned.

It heals and protects,

Soothes and strengthens.

Love has other names such as

forgiveness . . .

tolerance . . .

mercy . . .

encouragement . . .

aid . . .

sympathy . . .

affection . . .

friendliness . . .

and cheer.

No matter how much love we give to others,

More rushes in to take its place.

It is, really, “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Give love in abundance—

Every day.




  Welcome Back!  The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for everyone and we are glad to have everyone back with us.  This year will be even better than last year because we are all another year wiser and we have a challenge to learn something new everyday.   Memories made here will last a lifetime!  This planner is a key to organization and keeping track of your work and grades.  Please take some time to review what you have in this planner and get in the habit of writing things down, especially your goals!  We all should take a little time and decide what kind of year we are looking forward to. 


Remember to always treat people kindly; this same kindness will come back to you.  Share your friendship with others, especially the students that are lonely and have very few friends.  One day you will know the impact you have had on others according to your words and actions.  I am interested to see how many of you are reading this very important message from your friend Mr. Perrenoud.  Here is the catch:  You need to stop by my office and ask the question: “How was your summer?”  I will then share with you a treat and provide a clue to finding a fun treasure.


Our teachers care about every one of you and go the extra mile to help you achieve the greatest success possible.  All of your school years will be memorable and fun to reflect back on as you grow and mature.  Be in control of your life at all times, never allowing others to change that control.  You can achieve what you believe.


Take some time to review this handbook and all of the rules and information that are provided for you and then let’s have another fantastic year!  

  Your Friend,

  Mr. Perrenoud, Principal













  Student Body      $11.50

  Athletic   $8.00

  Text Book Replacement    $6.00

  Planner     $5.00

  Tax       $0.50

  Teacher Supplies $3.00

  Class Dues      $1.00




Ron Perrenoud Principal   Melony Wilson   Sheryl Thompson

Angela Winchester Counselor   Ruth Ann Hurst Gloria Summers

Jane Christensen Secretary Anna Brown

KayLyn Lovell   Secretary/Para Professional



Jenna Campbell   2nd Grade  

Jacque Carris   2nd Grade District Nurse

Angela Stas   2nd Grade

Jodi Brown   3rd Grade Title I

Kristen Esplin   3rd  Grade   Angela Anderson

Heather Lords   4th Grade

Jessica Thompson   4th Grade LUNCH ROOM

Tina Andersen   5th Grade Kaylene Mann

Chris Mecham   5th Grade Rhonda Avery

Roberta Hunter 6th Grade Linda Chase

Marlene Mabey   6th Grade

  Germaine Brockett   Special Education   CUSTODIAN  

Linda Bond   Math, Choir Georgia Diaz  

Ken Craner Science Geography, History

Stephanie Jackson   English, Literature BEHAVIOR SPECIALIST

Eunice Kilpatrick   Band, Music Appreciation   Nikki Taylor

Howard Kimmel   PE

Glenn Stanton   Geography, History, Health  

Tate Swensen Science  



The Mission of Ririe Joint School District #252 is to provide a safe environment where students gain knowledge and skills, develop confidence, value lifelong learning, and become contributing members of our changing world.



What Parents should be able to expect:

1.   That teachers and staff members demonstrate a positive attitude toward education and the school.

2.   That the student’s progress in his/her schoolwork be the primary priority of the school.

3.   That the teachers’ assignments be definite with a reasonable amount of assistance given in class, and that on the student’s initiative as much help is given, as resources will permit.

4.   That the school will do its best to maintain a wholesome atmosphere and encourage acceptable student behavior.

  What the school should be able to expect from the Parents:

1.   Students’ attendance be regular and punctual, and the school be informed by phone or in writing regarding any absence.

2.   The parents encourage and promote both good study habits and acceptable behavior in their children. Encouraging reading time each evening.

3.   That parental inquiries be first registered with the teacher.  If this meeting does not produce the desired results, then the parent should request a meeting with the building principal.

4.   That parents demonstrate a positive attitude toward education and the school.  A negative home attitude will too often damage the student’s outlook and affect his/her behavior and success.




We are fortunate to have a beautiful facility and it is our responsibility to help keep the walls free of marks and all debris cleaned up off the floor.  There are plenty of wastebaskets available for disposal.  Please behave with dignity and respect the rights of others.



Students will be required to have a 2.0 GPA with no “F” in any of the core classes.  This program will start with the 7th and 8th grade students during the 2011-2012 school year. There will be one credit for each class and the students will be required to pass all classes.  If they do not pass all classes then they will look at the “Pathways to Promotion to the next grade” process. (Please refer to last page).  Possible ways to make up a credit could be but are not limited to:  summer school, online courses, after school tutoring, Plato, Apangea and other approved interventions as determined by the school. A modified version will be considered for our future 5th and 6th grade students in their core classes.



Restrictions on student pick-up.  No one other than parent(s) or guardian(s) is allowed to pick up a student unless notified by the legal (custodial) parent or guardian.  If special restrictions on biological parents by the court exist, legal papers (divorce decrees, in their entirety or restraining orders) must be on file in the office in order for staff to deny access to a biological child.  If leaving with the parent or guardian, the parent or guardian needs to sign the student out at the office.  In case of unavoidable medical appointments, the student must bring a written excuse from the Dr. to the office when they return to school.



If your student is sick one or two days, they will be allowed to make up the work they missed when they return to school.  If they are sick more than 3 days, please call the office the third morning to ask for any homework your student may miss by being absent.  The office will collect the homework from the teacher(s) for you to pick up in the office after 2:30.



The office phone is for emergency use.  Wanting to get permission to go home with another student is not considered an emergency.  Illness would be the most common reason that a student would need to use the phone. 



Having a locker is a privilege.  3rd - 8th grade students will be assigned a locker.  You must use the locker that you were assigned.  Students are not allowed to share lockers.  Students are not allowed to be in another student’s locker without permission.  If you choose to put a lock on your locker you must provide the office with a copy of the key or the combination.  Students will be required to pay for any damage done to their locker during the school year.



Textbooks are purchased by the district and issued to the student.  Students are encouraged to put book covers on these books.  When the books are returned, if there is damage, additional fines may be levied.



Radios, tape recorders, electronic gadgets, CD’s, I-pods and games are not to be brought to school. Cell phones may not be used at school or on the bus at any time with the exception of extra curricular travel to call home when the bus is close to Ririe.  Cell phones brought to school for whatever reason must be turned off and out of sight for the entire day.  The only use would be to call for help in case of terrorist, or any reason we would have to evacuate the building and send the students home.  The office phone is available to call if the student is sick and needs to go home. 



Skateboards, roller blades, & roller shoes are not acceptable or allowed on school property.  For everyone’s safety, their use must be restricted to prevent injury to riders, bystanders & property.  Skateboards, roller blades & roller shoes are not allowed on any sidewalk entrance to the school, bus lanes, or parking lot or inside the building.



Attendance at school is more than a legal obligation it is a privilege.  Every child of compulsory school age must be in attendance unless otherwise exempted as provided in Section 23-204 of the Idaho Code.



(Official Board Policy)

Parents, we need your help with this.  Vacations and extended family trips are discouraged during school time.  Please try and plan these trips when school is out. The last hour of the day and the first hour of the day are as important as the rest of the day.  Please don’t check your student out early if at all possible and please have them to school on time. 

  “Each school shall keep accurate attendance records.  Except in extraordinary cases, as determined by the local Board of Trustees, credit will not be given to any student in a subject when the student was not in attendance at least 90% of the time that that subject was being taught.” With the exception of school-sponsored activities that directly involve the student, absence from any class for any reason including illness or family convenience shall be counted when the percentage of attendance and consequent eligibility for credit is calculated.  Students who have more than 9 absences each semester will be subject to petitioning for grades and/or making up missed time as determined by the school administration and faculty.  .


The Board of Trustees of Joint School District #252 fully concurs that attendance at school must be regular and punctual.  Make-up work granted a student after an absence, at the very best is a poor replacement for the actual class experience.  A student’s absence requires additional work for everyone; the student and the instructor.  Additionally, absences costs your school money.  Students are to plan on attending class every day the classes are scheduled.


For the purpose of meeting the 90% attendance requirement as formerly defined by the State Board, there is no difference between excused and unexcused absences.  With the exception of school-sponsored activities that “directly” involve the student, all absences count against the 90% attendance requirement.  Only those absences, which are beyond the control of the student, the parent, and/or the school, may be considered as qualifying under the purview of the Extraordinary Provision of this policy.  In most instances such absences will be on a non-recurring nature.

Extended illness verified by a physician will be considered as an extraordinary circumstance.  This verification, in writing must be presented to the school upon the student’s return.  Absences due to illness or injury, other than those verified by a physician will be reviewed to determine if Extraordinary Circumstances apply.

The number of days missed due to acceptable “extraordinary circumstances” will not be counted in the computation of a student’s 90% attendance requirement.

Criteria for Appeal:

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the individual circumstances of those who exceed the 90% attendance requirement.

1.   Doctor’s notes that verify extended illness or injury.

2.   Bereavement leave (usually pre-arranged).

3.   Court subpoenas or other legal obligation.

The number of missed days deemed extraordinary circumstances by the Committee would not be counted in the computation of a student’s 90% attendance requirement.

*Attendance Committee will consist of district administrators, and other personnel as needed to make appropriate recommendations concerning reinstatement of credit.

 Appeal Procedure:

Students who fail to meet the 90% attendance requirement and who believe that all or part of their absences is the result of extraordinary circumstances may, with their parents, make a formal appeal to the District Attendance Committee through the building principal to have denied credit reinstated.  Only those absences beyond the control of the student, the parent, and/or the school may be considered as qualifying under the purview of the Extraordinary Provision of this policy.  In most instances such absences will be on a non-recurring nature.


Parents are urged to adhere to the school calendar and keep their children in school during the days school is in session.  Work and experiences missed during an absence are never adequately made up.  Vacations or family trips during school time are strongly discouraged. 



ALL TARDIES ARE UNEXCUSED, unless a teacher or the office excuses the student.  When your student is tardy in the morning, they must report to the office before continuing to class, if they don’t, they will be absent all day.  Excessive tardies (3) may result in detention and if  tardies persist they could result in in school suspension and/ or out of school suspension. 



Any student enrolled in school is subject to school authority while on school premises or while attending any function in which the school participates regardless of whether the student travels to away activities by school transportation or private vehicle.  Failure to conform to directions of the faculty members or authorized personnel in charge constitutes an act of willful disobedience.  This is considered a major violation of school rules and will result in disciplinary action.



Student use, possession, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs is prohibited in Ririe Schools, on Ririe school property, at activities in which Ririe schools are participating, and during transportation of Ririe students.  Violation of this policy may result in a signed citation with appropriate law enforcement, referral for entrance in a substance abuse program, immediate ineligibility for current sport, and out of school suspension.



Student use or possession of tobacco in any form during the time that RMS is in session, on Ririe School property, during the transportation of Ririe students, or at functions in which Ririe students are participating is prohibited.  Violation of this policy may result in a signed citation with appropriate law enforcement agency, referral for entrance in substance abuse program, immediate ineligibility for current sport and out of school suspension.



Fighting may result in suspension on the first offense, and future fighting incidents could result in suspension up to five days and/or an appearance before the school board for review with possible restrictions prior to re-admittance to school.



State and Federal laws require that local districts have zero tolerance policies with regards to the possession of weapons.  Please read this policy carefully!! Even accidentally bringing a pocketknife to school could result in a child being suspended to the Board for disciplinary action.  According to policy, even if a student brings a weapon onto school grounds when school is not in session, at any time, the school will apply the same measures and students will be suspended to the Board.  The weapons policy is as follows:

Board policy prohibits students from possessing a weapon of any kind on school property or at school sponsored activities.  Instruments considered weapons are knives of all types, guns, chains, chuck-sticks, throwing stars, darts, metal knuckles, blackjacks or club explosives, chemicals such as mace, or any other item intended to inflict injury on another individual.


Possession, use, or any attempt to use any such weapon will constitute violation of this policy.  Students found in violation of this policy will be referred to police authorities for legal action; students found in violation will be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing with the Board of Trustees.

State law requires the expulsion from school for a period of not less than one year for any student who brings a firearm to school.  Ririe School District #252 will not admit a student who has been expelled from another district for violating the Gun Free School Act until that student has completed the expulsion period of not less than one year.  The timing should be based on written confirmation from the district that initially expelled the student.



A truant is defined as a student who is absent from school without proper authorization from school or parents.

   An absence is deemed a truancy by an administrator.  A student who is deemed to be truant will not be allowed make up privileges.  The following steps will be taken by the school administrator and/or teachers with each subsequent truancy.


1st Truancy: Student and parent notified by a school official.  In-school suspension.

2nd Truancy:   Student and parent notified. Student suspended up to five days.

3rd Truancy: The principal will refer student to the School Board for expulsion procedures and/or to the courts for a truancy officer.

Note: A truancy that occurs at any one of the above steps may be of such duration  

  or severity to cause an immediate recommendation of expulsion by the




The display of affection between students does not have a place, at anytime, in our school.  It is not condoned nor will it be allowed to occur.  Parents will be notified if there is a continual problem.



Those students, who are not brought to school by an adult, should avail themselves to the buses.   Once a student arrives at school, they must stay unless prior arrangements have been made with the parent/guardian.  Students are not allowed to ride to or from school on a bus other than the one assigned to them by the transportation department.  Exceptions are made only with prior authorization by the transportation department.



Students should not arrive before 8:00 in the morning.  Students cannot come into the main building until the first bus arrives.  The first bell is at 8:10; tardy bell is 8:15.  School is dismissed at 3:25 p.m.  Students are not to stay after school unless they have made arrangements with a teacher or coach and parents are notified beforehand.



Student attire must not be distracting in any way to the educational processes of the school.  Students are expected to dress modestly and neatly.  Shorts or skirts, if worn, should come to the top of the knee.  Super baggy pants, low riders, dangling belts or any other gang related dress is prohibited. Any clothing that advertises controlled substance is prohibited.  Clothing which depicts by word or picture items or acts that are obscene, lewd, indecent or offensive are also prohibited. Belly shirts, pajama pants, sweat pants, tank tops or any personal adornment or dress that is either immodest or distracting is prohibited. Hats or scarves are not to be worn in the building.

Clothing or grooming habits that are disruptive of the educational process or have a detrimental effect on the safety and morals of students or that depict illegal or immoral acts is prohibited.  Students have at their disposal a wide variety of acceptable, neat, modest, and stylish clothing that can be worn to school.  Those students who choose to dress inappropriately will be sent home to change into acceptable attire.



Books may be checked out for two weeks and reference books and magazines may be checked out overnight.  Book fines are ten cents a day for overdue books and twenty- five cents a day for overdue reference books and magazines.  Encyclopedias cannot be checked out of the library.  Students are responsible for replacing any lost books checked out to them. 



Harassment and bullying, in any form, is harmful and disruptive to the educational mission of the school.  It has a negative impact on everyone!  Students who pursue a course of harassment or bullying will risk suspension, expulsion, and prosecution by the law.  With incidents of violence in our nation’s schools, it is obvious that harassment and bullying is not only harmful it posses a danger to everyone.  We will not tolerate harassment or bullying!!!



Students must meet District minimum attendance requirements.  In addition students must be in attendance three out of seven periods in order to participate in an activity or practice that day.  Students must maintain a 2.0 or better grade average to participate in any extracurricular activity.  Students also must have school registration fees ($35),  Sports fees ($20) and transportation fees ($25) paid in full before participation. Students may make arrangements to work off some of fees with the administration and coaches.

Being a member of any team at Ririe Middle School is a privilege and every participant should make sure that good grades and good behavior are their top priorities.  The following is required from all students participating in any activity throughout the year.

1.   At the end of each quarter the student should have at least a 2.0 or higher GPA.  Also, at the end of each semester the student must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate.

2.   If a student has more than one failing grade he will be on probation as described in #3.  If the student has one F and a GPA of 2.0 or higher he may participate.

3.   If any student does not have a GPA of 2.0 they will be on probation for a reasonable amount of time and they may try out for a team and practice with the team for a reasonable amount of time (2 to 3 weeks) to give the student the opportunity to raise their grades to the minimum of 2.0.  The students will not be allowed to participate in any game until they have become eligible.  

4.   If at the end of the reasonable amount of time this has not been achieved, the student will meet with the coach and administrator to determine if more time will be allowed or be declared ineligible until the next season or activity begins.

5.   For activities that begin in the fall (beginning of school) the students must have a 2.0 the last full semester of school to be eligible (with no more than one F).

6.   A student may be declared ineligible anytime during the season if his grades fall below the 2.0 minimum.  If this should happen the reasonable time of probation will go into effect and the student may practice during this time but not participate in any game until he becomes eligible according to #3 above.

7.   Students may be suspended from playing in games or participating in an activity for bad behavior and/or receiving a discipline referral.   Students that participate in any activity should be on their best behavior all of the time.



Transportation to all activities scheduled away from Ririe will be provided for participants.  All participants are expected to ride the bus or a parent can arrange with the coach to take their student home from these scheduled events.  Any other situations must be cleared with the principal.  Transportation fees will apply and must be paid in advance.  Fees are $25 per sport/club for transportation fee.



Field trips are an important part of our students education and we would like to continue having field trips with the following as guidelines we will follow to  help fund these trips:

1).  Field trips 50 miles or less (round-trip) = $1.00 per student.

2).  Field trips 75 miles (round-trip) = $1.50 per student.

3).  Field trips 100 miles to 150 miles (round trip)  = $2.00 per student.

4).  Field trips over 150 miles will be planned with Administrator and Transportation department.



Immediately upon the signal, students will move to the closest outside door and leave the building in an orderly manner, according to routes posted.  Teachers will see that all windows are closed, take their roll books, and close the doors.  All students and staff will stay out of the building until an “all- clear” signal is given.



Immediately upon the signal, CODE RED, teachers will lock the doors, remain quiet and out of sight away from doors and windows until the “all clear” signal is given. Teachers will review lock down procedures if student is not in a room.  CODE YELLOW will be used for keeping students in room but continue with the activities as normal.  An “all clear” signal will be given when lock down is complete.  All fire alarms and lock downs will be announced to parents and all personnel in the district.  We will use the new Alert notification in contacting everyone.



All parents and patrons of the district should make sure that each school has the most current information of cell phones, e-mails and other information to receive emergency and general notifications of cancellation of school or schedule changes as needed throughout the school year.



The Board believes that students of the Ririe School District #252 have the right to learn in an atmosphere, which is the most conducive to the achievement of their fullest potential.  Consequently, sexual harassment of students whether verbal or physical and whether engaged in by employees of the District or other students, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.



The parents are not allowed to go directly to any classroom during the teaching day.  If you are bringing things for a student, you will need to drop it off at the office and they will deliver it to the student at an appropriate time.  If you wish to sit in on a class you are more than welcome to do so.  You would still need to check in at the office for a visitors pass than someone will take you to the classroom and introduce your intentions to the teacher.  If a parent would like to visit their student’s classroom, please make arrangements with the teacher prior to your visit.  Unscheduled visits may interrupt scheduled testing or other classroom activities.